“….the mandate today is to operate with minimum harm to the environment, to reduce energy consumption and pollutant generation, and to recycle all discarded products and packaging. Already, we’re starting to see the requirements (both regulatory and from customers) that products carry carbon footprint information. As these mandates increase and as consumers become more environmentally conscious, companies that can transparently show that their products and supply chains are thoughtfully designed to take the environment into account will enjoy a competitive advantage. This represents a significant shift, as the true performance of any supply chain operation remains hidden from external entities. Companies must redefine their approach to supply chain management and make transparency requirements a part of their business strategy.”

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Thought Leadership
Our Partners and Associates are regular speakers at conferences, trade events and seminars in UK, Europe, Asia and North America. As regular contributors to trade magazines and national publications we offer expert, independent opinions on portcentricity as applied to collaborative supply chains, business clusters, port traffic growth, wider economic development and specific industry growth sectors such as offshore wind farm developments.

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In partnership with UKPL (UK Ports and Logistics) and PRB Associates we publish market intelligence about UK Ports traffic to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Certain publications carry a charge, but we will advise you where this is the case.
  • Monthly market dashboard - provides the British Ports Association (BPA), individual ports and their related industries with pertinent UK economic and port commodity tracking indicators
  • Quarterly UK port growth trends - international trade patterns, top 25 UK port market shares and MAT trends for individual port tonnages, unitised cargoes and for UK import/export trading corridors
  • Quarterly UK port benchmarking - throughput analysis and market share performance of individual UK ports in comparison with their peers
  • UK annual unitised freight capacity analysis - LoLo and RoRo freight traffic analysis between UK and other European short sea ports including detailed individual port and shipping line capacity analyses
  • Irish annual maritime freight capacity analysis - LoLo and RoRo traffic analyses between Ireland, UK and mainland European ports

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Speakers for conferences

Our partners and associates regularly share their skills, knowledge and experience across a wide range of ports and logistics issues at conferences worldwide. If you would like more information on PCLP’s spokespeople and their topics of expertise, as well as the conferences they are speaking at, please contact us (enquiries@pclp.co).


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To find out more about our market intelligence services, subscription opportunities and individual analytical services, please email or use our Contact page. Thank you.

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